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Updating SprintRay Pro S

Updating SprintRay Pro S

SprintRay Pro S receives periodic updates that include improvements to the print process, new features, and general fixes. Keep your Pro S up to date to make sure you’re getting the best printing experience possible.

When to Update

As long as your Pro S is connected to a network with a reliable internet connection, it will automatically notify you when there is a new software update. If a new update is available, it will show a circle with a ‘1’ on the ‘Settings’ tab.

If you believe an update is available but you haven’t been notified, go to Settings > Software > Check for Updates.

How to Update

Updating Pro S is straightforward, thanks to its robust onboard computer. From the Settings screen, press Software > Update Now.

Once you initiate the update, Pro S will handle the rest. Once the update is finished installing, Pro S will automatically restart. Once Pro S has turned back on, the update is complete.

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