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Cleaning the Wash Chamber Filter

Cleaning the Wash Chamber Filter

The filter in Pro Wash/Dry and ProWash S should be cleaned approximately once every 10 cycles.

If you're using resins with high ceramic or other filler content, you'll need to clean the wash chamber more often.

Your device will indicate when it is time to clean the filter. Upon receiving this message, select Start Cleaning


Before cleaning, if there is any IPA left inside of the Wash Bucket, the Force Drain procedure must be performed. If this is the case, power cycle the unit to bypass the cleaning message and access the Settings tab by selecting the Wrench Icon


Use clean paper towels or shop towels to wipe out the inside of the wash bucket


Use the included tweezers to remove any small support pieces or any debris left inside the wash chamber.

Make sure all pieces are removed from the chamber before you continue.


Gently unscrew the filter from the inside of the wash bucket


Separate the filter from the base for cleaning


Use fresh IPA and a brush to clean filter


Re-attach the filter to the base, and gently screw back into the wash bucket. You do not need to put too much torque on the assembly, just slightly snug is OK

Once complete, press Finish

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