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Treatment costs and turnaround times

Treatment costs and turnaround times

Here is a breakdown of each appliance and their current price

AI Designs

$15 Per Posterior Crown

$30 per Treatment

Signature Designs

Starting from $30
Advanced Designs (KOI, Michigan Splint, etc.) +$5

$25 Per Tooth

$20 Per Treatment

$110 Per Treatment

$200 Per Treatment

Starting from $120 Per Treatment

$8 Per Tooth

$40 Per Arch

Starting from $75 Per Arch
Basic: $75 - Basic design and aesthetic options
Standard: $85 - Selectable tooth library and gingiva aesthetics
Pro: $95 - Largest selection of tooth libraries and advanced aesthetic options

$300 Per Arch
At any time you can choose a new Plan, or apply any Promo codes received on this page.

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