Business Hours Feature

The Business Hours feature allow you to set your schedule so Pro S is always ready to print when you need it and conserves power when you don't. With this feature enabled, the printer will automatically enter a low power Sleep Mode outside of your defined schedule, reducing energy consumption. The printer will also automatically wake up 30 minutes before the start of business to ensure the resin and platform are preheated and ready to print at the start of your day.

Note: This feature requires PrintOS

To access this feature, go to the Settings tab on your printer's touchscreen, and click on the Business Hours section on the left hand menu.


Once you have selected the Business Hours section, you will have the option to toggle the use of a schedule for your office or lab


After enabling the Schedule, you can define your office's opening and close times, and define which days you are open


When enabled, the printer will automatically enter its Sleep Mode outside of office hours, as long as the printer is not in use. Any jobs printing will finish normally, and any print jobs sent to the printer while in Sleep Mode will automatically be sent to the printer's Queue.


At any time you can wake the printer up if you need to print outside of your defined schedule


Once the printer has finished printing, it will automatically enter Sleep Mode if not in use.


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