Trouble Connecting your Printer?

Here are some common causes of connection issues that can cause the printer not to show in RayWare Cloud:

1. Check your Dashboard Account

  • Double check that you are logged in to the same Dashboard account on your printer, as well as the PC or internet device you are using to prepare your prints
  • Ensure the correct password is being used for both accounts

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2. Check your Printer and PC's Internet Connection

  • Your printer and PC should be connected to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network that has access to the internet and the SprintRay Cloud servers
  • Internet connection is required to use RayWare Cloud's Direct Print and Print Queue features for both the PC and printer

Pro S Printer:




Windows PC:


Mac PC:


3. Correct Printer Selected in RayWare Cloud

  • Verify you have the correct type of printer model and resin type selected for the printer you wish to print with. Incompatible printers should show on the Printer List when sending a job

4. Reboot Printer

  • A simple reboot of the printer can often times solve connection issues quickly by re-establishing connection to your network and router



Scroll the General screen to the bottom for the Reboot Printer option:


5. Whitelist the SprintRay Cloud Servers

Chrome Web Browser:



Windows Internet Options:




6. Open the Required Ports

  • The printer, as well as the RayWare software, require specific ports to communicate over your network. Please ensure your IT person has these following ports open for inbound and outbound communication:
    • Port 80
    • Port 443
    • Port 8883
    • Port 50501 for RayWare Desktop

7. Whitelist Printer IP Address and MAC Address (Manual/Static IP)

  • In some high security networks, the printer may be blocked from outside access to the internet if automatically flagged as an "unknown device". The printer's device ID, or MAC address, may need to be manually added to your network and have an IP Address manually assigned. This will require your IT person to log into your router directly and define these settings, as well as define a Manual IP via the Settings tab on the printer's touchscreen menu. 




The printer's MAC address is located in the General section of the Settings tab


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