Using the Pro S Crown Kit


The new SprintRay Pro S Crown Kit allows for rapid production of definitive crowns in about 10 minutes with our 95 S and 55 S model printers and SprintRay Ceramic Crown resin. This revolutionary and innovative new design leverages the speed and accuracy of our printer's technology to make 3D printed chairside crowns a reality.

Note: Usage of the Pro S Crown Kit requires your printer to be updated to PrintOS 8.0 or higher. Please see our Knowledge Base article on how to update your Pro S printer here: Updating SprintRay Pro S

The Pro S Crown Kit can also be used with other temporary or permanent restoration materials for faster print times than the standard tank and platform, but SprintRay Ceramic Crown will have the fastest print times of our currently supported materials.

What is the Pro S Crown Kit?

The Pro S Crown Kit consists of two pieces of hardware for your Pro S printer, as well the new PrintOS 8.0 software for compatibility.

Hard Anodized Crown Platform


  • Specially designed with a hard anodized coating to resist the corrosion and oxidation that can occur with high ceramic content resins
  • Built in heater to help quickly heat the resin and maintain the correct viscosity during the print cycle. 
  • Place up to 6 to 7 crowns for each print with a build area of 2" x 1.5" (52 mm x 38 mm) 


Crown Resin Tank


  • Resin volume of 50 mL for minimal resin usage during print cycle
  • Built in drain spout makes changes between different shades fast and easy
  • Improved internal heatsink to maintain resin temperature and viscosity during print cycle
  • Engineered to last up to 30 mL of usage

PrintOS 8.0 Printer Software


  • Allows for compatibility with new Pro S Crown Kit
  • Auto detection of Crown Kit platform and Resin Tank
  • Device Checks and Troubleshooting Wizard for common print errors
  • Free for all Pro S printer owners

Installing the Pro S Crown Kit

If you have not already, ensure your Pro S printer has the latest PrintOS 8.0 software.

Updating SprintRay Pro S

Next, install the Crown platform and ensure it is fully seated, locked in place, and completely clean


Then install the Crown Resin Tank firmly in the resin tank cradle, and verify it is fully seated with no movement


Prepare your print job in RayWare Cloud, or use the Direct Print option from the approved design in your Design Services Treatment page. If using the Print Now function, you will need to perform the Print Readiness Checklist before starting your print to ensure the printer is ready


If printing from the Queue, go to your printer and navigate to the Queue menu and select your print you wish to start. 


Now you are ready for chairside restorative dentistry!






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