Using the New PrintOS 8.0


Our new PrintOS 8.0 printer software brings a fresh new look to the user interface for our Pro S printers. This new UI has all of the same quality of life features you have come to love, but with new features that make your printer even easier to use, as well as new features to expand the capabilities of your practice or lab.


Your New Home Screen

The new Home screen of the printer shows the current status of the printer platform and tank, assigned resin, network connection, and will indicate if there are any issues that need to be resolved.


The Home screen has information on:

  • Printer readiness
  • Current resin assigned to the installed Resin Tank
  • Platform status
  • Resin Tank and Platform temperature
  • Printer nickname and serial number at top
  • Current connection status in the upper right
  • Changing the assigned resin for the installed tank

Logging in to Your SprintRay Account

To log in to your SprintRay Account, access the user icon and follow the onscreen instructions. The Pro S software using a convenient QR code based system using your mobile device to simplify login.


Device Status

The Device Status menu will show more detailed information on the printer hardware at a glance, and allow for better tracking of your consumables.


The Device Status screen will allow you to:

  • Check and assign resin for the installed Resin Tank
  • View Resin Tank usage in detail, as well as view print log
  • Ensure correct build platform and proper installation

The Device Status screen will also walk you through how to resolve common print errors before the start of a print

Missing Platform:


Incompatible platform installed


This screen will also show your Resin Tank health at a glance


Settings Menu

The Settings menu is where you can check basic information about the printer, check and update software, as well as adjust network settings.


  • General - allows you access to information on printer and tank serial numbers, IP and MAC addresses, and ability to change the printer's nickname
  • Software - where you can check your printer's current software and firmware version, enable automatic updates, and update your printer's Materials Library
  • Printer - simple maintenance menu where you can disable the screen temporarily for cleaning or reboot the printer
  • Connectivity - where you can change your connection type or adjust network parameters. You can choose either Wireless, LAN, or Printer Hotspot to connect

Print Queue, History, and USB Printing

These options will show on the icons menu on the left of the screen if a printer has a print queued from RayWare, any previous prints, and a list of files when a USB is connected on the front touch panel


How Do I Install PrintOS 8.0?

For Pro S printers that are on an older version of software than 8.0, you can check for this update by accessing the Software section of the Settings tab on your printer's UI:


Install the available update



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