3Shape CAMair Integration

3Shape CAMair allows you to send files directly from your 3Shape environment to SprintRay RayWare Cloud for immediate, rapid 3D printing. Below, you'll find instructions for downloading and setting up this integration.


Download 3Shape CAMair for Windows

Download the software by clicking on this link: Download 3Shape CAM

Note: This software is only available for Windows


Install 3Shape CAMair

1. Locate the downloaded file in your download folder, SprintRay-CAMairServer.exe, then start the installation. Follow the installation prompts. We recommend following the default values.

2. When prompted, check the box to Automatically start SprintRay-3Shape CAMair Service. This will make sure the integration software is always ready to go.

3. Follow the prompts to activate the software under your SprintRay account. 

4. Once the setup is finished, restart your computer. Make sure to leave the program running in the badge drawer of your computer. If you close the software, the integration will not function until you reopen it again.

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