Operating Pro Wash/Dry


Before each print, ensure that the hydrometers are submerged. This indicates that the IPA is not too saturated with resin and can still conduct an effective cleaning cycle.






Wash with Print Platform


We recommend washing with your platform when washing solid models printed with a flat base with the basket removed, place the platform in the wash chamber and press Start





Wash with Basket


We recommend washing with the basket in place when washing individual parts such as hollowed models and models taller than 4 inches (10 cm) in height. We alo recommend removing supports before placing models into the basket

Avoid stacking models on top of each other when washing with the basket.




With the build platform or basket in place, select Start




When using fresh IPA, your Pro Wash/Dry may be unable to detect the liquid as it is so pure. Ensure that your IPA levels are at the minimum threshold and select Start Anyway


The Pro Wash/Dry will chime once it has completed both the washing and drying processes.



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