Cleaning the Pro Wash/Dry Filter and Wash Bucket


After every 10 washes we recommend cleaning the filter in the wash/dry chamber.


Note: third party resins, especially those containing ceramic other other high strength fillers (Denture and teeth resins) will wear the seals and components much faster compared to standard SprintRay resins. It is highly recommended to clean the Pro Wash/Dry every 5 washes if using one of these resins


Your Pro Wash/Dry will indicate when it is time to clean the filter. Upon receiving this message select Start Cleaning




Before cleaning, if there is any IPA left inside of the Wash Bucket, the Force Drain procedure must be performed. If this is the case, power cycle the unit to bypass the cleaning message and access the Settings tab by selecting the Wrench Icon





Use clean paper towels or shop towels to wipe out the inside of the wash bucket




Use the included tweezers to remove any small support pieces, or any debris left inside the wash chamber. 

Note: it is critical that all support pieces and cured particulates are removed, as they can fall inside of the pump mechanism once the filter is removed, causing permanent damage to the IPA pumps




Gently unscrew the filter from the inside of the wash bucket







Separate the filter from the base for cleaning




Use fresh IPA and a brush to clean filter






Re-attach the filter to the base, and gently screw back into the wash bucket. You do not need to put too much torque on the assembly, just slightly snug is OK




Once complete, press Finish





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