Special Note for Third Party and Restorative Resin Users

Through extensive in house testing, we have determined that first party restorative resins, such as OnX Tough, and certain third party resins, especially those containing ceramic other other high strength fillers (Denture and teeth resins) will wear the seals and components much faster compared to standard SprintRay resins. It is highly recommended to clean the Pro Wash/Dry every 5 washes if using one of these resins



  • OnX Tough


  • NextDent Denture Base
  • NextDent C&B
  • NextDent MFH Bleach
  • NextDent MFH N2


  • FotoDent IBT
  • FotoDent Guide


  • DENTCA Denture Teeth - A1
  • DENTCA Denture Teeth - A2
  • DENTCA Denture Teeth - B1
  • DENTCA Denture Base 2 - Light Pink
  • DENTCA Denture Base 2 - Dark Pink
  • DENTCA Denture Base 2 - Reddish Pink
  • DENTCA Denture Base 2 - Original Pink
  • DENTCA Denture Teeth - A3
  • DENTCA Denture Teeth - A3.5
  • DENTCA Denture Teeth - B2
  • DENTCA Crown & Bridge A1
  • DENTCA Crown & Bridge A2
  • DENTCA Crown & Bridge A3
  • DENTCA Crown & Bridge A3.5
  • DENTCA Crown & Bridge B1
  • DENTCA Crown & Bridge B2
  • DENTCA Crown & Bridge BL2


  • KeySplint Soft

  • KeyGuide

  • KeyTray

  • KeyCast

  • KeyMask

  • KeyOrtho IDB



If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team

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