MEDIT Link Integration for Cloud Drive

SprintRay Cloud Design now features direct integration with MEDIT Link and IOS devices, allowing you to send your scan data directly to your SprintRay Cloud Drive, removing the need for exporting and manual upload during Treatment submission.

To begin, Log in to your MEDIT Link App


Go to the App Box menu located on the left hand side


Search for "SprintRay" in the App Box using the Search bar at the upper right hand side


Select SprintRay RayWare Cloud Integration and click Install


After installing, you can send any of your completed cases directly to the SprintRay Cloud Drive using the following method

Go to your Case Box and select a case that has completed processing


Once a case is selected, you will see the SprintRay Cloud Design icon in the upper right hand corner


Once clicked, your web browser will open and ask for Device Confirmation to authorize the link from the MEDIT Link software, to your SprintRay Cloud Design account


Confirm the same code is displayed, click Confirm, and then the Authorize App will display the access options and ask for final confirmation


Confirmation will then be displayed showing your MEDIT Link app is now connected


After successful connection, you will be able to automatically access any of your MEDIT Link data that has been synced with your Cloud Drive at any time via the Cloud Drive icon on SprintRay Cloud Design



If you encounter the following error when attempting to export a scan to Cloud Drive:

no admin rights error.png

You will need to run the Medit Link software as an Administrator to allow the required access to your computer's hard drive for temporary storage during the upload process.

The Medit Link software can be run as Administrator by right clicking on the Desktop icon, and selecting Run as Administrator

run as admin.png

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