Unboxing MoonRay

Unboxing your MoonRay

Congratulations on your new MoonRay 3D printer! Before you get started, let's unbox your MoonRay to make sure that all the parts have arrived in excellent condition.

  1. Lay the box horizontally on the ground so that the sketch of the machine is face-up.

  2. Cut the plastic binding strips that are wrapped around the box.

  3. Open the box by swinging the face-up flap open.

  4. Remove the accessory package and set it aside. This box contains a pair of cables, the quick start guide, and warranty information.

  5. Your MoonRay sits within two foam packing inserts. Remove the top foam insert.

  6. Lift MoonRay from its cradle. MoonRay is quite heavy; use caution when lifting.

Note: The packaging that ships with MoonRay is designed for multiple uses. Keep all foam inserts and boxing, as they will be useful if you have to ship your MoonRay in the future.

  1. Between the foam inserts are two boxes that contain the resin tank and a spare resin drum. Remove these.

  2. Below the bottom foam insert is a box that contains the power supply and build platform. Remove this box.

  3. Take a proper inventory to make sure you’ve received all the included parts:

  • MoonRay printer

  • Accessory package

  • Resin tank

  • Resin drum

  • Power supply

  • Build platform

Finishing Kit

Your MoonRay comes with a finishing kit to help ensure that you’re equipped to make every print look and feel as good as possible. This kit ships separately and should include:

  • Finishing tray

  • Resin wiper

  • Two pair of gloves

  • Zero-degree flush cutter

  • Scraper

Resin Bottle

If your MoonRay purchase included a bottle of resin, this will ship separately. 


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