Setting Up MoonRay

Find a Stable Surface

After unboxing, your MoonRay is best placed on a solid, stable, level surface. The power cable should be plugged into a surge protector or uninterrupted power supply. Always power down your MoonRay before unplugging it.  


Power up Your MoonRay

Locate and press the button on the front of your MoonRay. The ring-light around this button will blink rapidly and the print arm will raise up. After about a minute, the light will fade in-and-out slowly. With the arm in the raised position, you may now remove the foam packaging that sits between the frame and the mirror.

Resin Tank and Built Platform

Hold the resin tank assembly with the handle facing you. Gently side it into the frame until it rests against the build arm.

Slide the build platform over the build arm fork with the handle up. Gently tighten it by hand, careful not to over-tighten.

Pour Resin into the Resin Tank

Shake your bottle of resin well. Locate min and max lines etched into the wall of the resin tank against the back right corner, near the spout. All resin necessary for a print job must be above the min line - the difference between min and max is 150ml. If a job is larger than 150ml, the tank will need to be topped off manually. Fill your resin tank between the min and max lines now.


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