Cleaning Your Resin Tank

Empty the Tank

Unused resin can be left in your MoonRay’s tank for up to 3 days after a print. If you don’t use it or you want to change resin types, pour what remains in the tank back into the resin bottle and clean the tank. We recommend using a mesh tea strainer when pouring resin from the tank back into the bottle to ensure no cured pieces are mixed in with your liquid resin.


Remember: don’t keep resin in the tank for more than 3 days.

In the case of failed prints, always check the tank thoroughly before the next print. Search for clumps of resin that have cured or fallen off of the build platform.

Remove the tank from MoonRay. Drain the remaining resin into the resin bottle. You can use the soft silicone resin wiper, included in your finishing kit, to make sure you are preserving as much excess resin as possible.


Wipe the remaining resin from the resin tank with a paper tower. Complete this step thoroughly, as the tank cannot be properly cleaned until all the resin is removed.

Gently Clean

Note: Never use a coarse cloth or sharp tool to clean the cured resin. Always wear gloves when handling MoonRay's delicate components, including the resin tank.



Use isopropyl alcohol and paper towels to wipe down the inside of the tank. If you notice smudges on the underside of the tank, clean it using a small amount of isopropyl on a paper towel. Return the resin tank to MoonRay and resume printing!

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