Replacing the Resin Tank Drum

After printing around 50 liters’ worth of models, you may notice your resin tank becoming cloudy and that your models have a peeling effect. This likely means it’s time to replace your resin drum. We estimate that the resin drum needs to be changed after every 50 or so liters of resin. This is only an estimate, so it’s important to watch your parts to make sure they’re printing properly.

What You’ll Need

  • Resin tank drum
  • Resin tank film (included with new resin tank drum)
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Isopropyl alcohol and paper towels or a clean, soft cloth
  • Gloves


Remove Old Drum

To begin, empty and clean the resin tank. For instructions on cleaning the resin tank, see this article. Flip the resin tank assembly upside-down and remove the four corner screws with phillips head screwdriver.


Carefully separate the drum from the bottom of the tank. When you’re working with the resin tank, hold it by its aluminum sides. Clean the bottom of the resin tank with isopropyl alcohol using your soft cloth/ paper towel. Be sure to clean both the glass and aluminum components of the tank.


Note: do not attempt to clean the film between the resin drum and tank.

Attach New Drum

Take the new resin drum out of the box. Please note that the resin drum comes with a separate film shown in the diagram. Take care not to lose this film, as it is crucial to the printing process.


Place the new drum upside-down on a flat surface. Place the film on the drum. Handle this film very carefully as it is extremely sensitive. Place the aluminum base on the drum and replace the screws, making sure that they’re tight.

Note: if you touch the glass on the bottom of the resin tank and leave smudges, you’ll need to clean it carefully with isopropyl and a soft cloth. 

When using a newer-style resin drum (white color), make sure the handle and spout are positioned correctly as shown in the photo below.


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