Resin Care

With proper care, storage, and disposal, you can get the most out of your SprintRay and NextDent resins. Improper care can lead to premature curing, clumping, and exposure.


SprintRay resin is designed to last twelve months when stored properly. Plan to use or properly dispose of resin within twelve months of receiving it.

Store bottled resin in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for up to twelve months.

Resin can be left in the resin tank for up to three days as long as it is covered by MoonRay’s top cover. The top cover of MoonRay is UV resistant, which delays the curing process, but it is not meant for long-term storage. If resin is left in the tank for more than a few hours, use the rubber squeegee in the finishing kit to incorporate the resin and ensure there is no clumping.

Unused Resin

If you won’t be using the remaining resin within three days, return resin to the bottle and clean MoonRay’s tank.

We recommend using a mesh tea strainer when pouring resin from the tank back into the bottle. This ensures that any cured pieces of resin are strained out of the liquid.

Resin Disposal

Cured resin can be discarded as regular trash.

Liquid resin cannot be placed in the trash and must be disposed of properly. Place it in the correctly labelled bottle and dispose of it per local regulations. Alternatively, pour liquid resin into a clear plastic bag and let it cure in the sun, then discard it via regular trash once it is fully cured/hardened.

Never dispose of liquid resin in your sink or other plumbing.

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