Inspecting your Tank

Evaluating Your Resin Tank

MoonRay features a durable, long-lasting resin tank that can be used to print up to 50 liters of resin before it needs to be replaced. The tank’s appearance will change as you use it, so it isn’t always immediately apparent when it needs to be replaced. If the tank appears cloudy from fingerprints, simply use isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel to clean.

We’ve assembled some images of resin tanks in varying conditions that can guide you in evaluating the condition of your resin tank. If you’re experiencing failed prints and are concerned that your resin tank is the cause, feel free to submit a support ticket and include a photo of your resin tank after it has been cleaned.

Brand New, Usable Tank


This is a brand new tank, so you can easily see through it. There are no scratches, dings, or other obstructions.

70% Used, Still Usable


The tank pictured above is at roughly 70% of its life expectancy and looks noticably different from a brand new resin tank. We've filled it with red resin so that you can easily see the small spots. Despite these little imperfections, this tank is still usable.

Damaged, Not Usable


This tank has been punctured very slightly, but the puncture was enough to allow resin to seep inside of the resin tank, causing failed prints. You will need to replace your resin tank drum if your tank is punctured.

Badly Damaged, Not Usable


This is an extreme example of a tank that is not usable. It has obviously been punctured, and a large amount of resin has seeped inside the tank and damaged the film between the resin drum and resin tank base. 
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