Shipping Your MoonRay

If you need to ship your MoonRay, you can reuse the original packaging. Follow the instructions below to ensure your MoonRay makes its journey safely.

Before you start packing your MoonRay, clean the resin tank and build platform. Once MoonRay is clean:

  1. Remove the build platform and resin tank from your MoonRay.
  2. Wrap resin tank and build platform in plastic wrap and place in original boxes.
  3. Wrap your MoonRay in the plastic from the original packaging or with plastic wrap.
  4. Place the MoonRay inside the two foam inserts that it was originally packed in.
  5. Place resin tank and build platform boxes in their original shipping locations.
  6. Slide MoonRay and the packing foam into original box.
  7. Close the box and secure with packing tape.
Note: if you are shipping your MoonRay to our office for maintenance, please include the build platform, the resin tank, and power cables.
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