Power Button Functions

The power button of your MoonRay has several functions:

Power On

To power on your MoonRay, press and hold the power button until the light around the button begins flashing. You are ready to begin printing when the power button light changes from flashing to solid. If the light around the power button is fading in and out slowly instead of flashing, that means your MoonRay’s connection needs to be set up. 

Power Off

Press and hold the power button until it begins flashing, indicating your MoonRay is in the process of shutting down. Always turn off your MoonRay using the power button before unplugging any cables.

Pause and Resume a Print

To pause an in-progress print, press the power button once (don’t hold it). Your MoonRay’s print arm will rise. To resume your print, press the power button once. Do not resume a print until the print arm has stopped moving.

Reset Connection

To change the way you connect to your MoonRay, you can press the power button five times in a row.  This must be done very quickly. The light around the power button will begin fading in and out slowly. This means you are ready to reconnect to your MoonRay in RayWare.

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