Automatic Dimensional Accuracy Calibration

The Dimensional Accuracy test is used to dial in the X and Y scaling of the models. This has the largest affect on the molar to molar distance, and is a common test to help determine sizing issues. 

To perform the Dimensional Accuracy calibration, select in the same Material Fine Tuning menu we used for the Fit and Tolerance test. Make sure you select the correct Material and Layer Thickness:




Select Automatic Calibration:





Once printed, clean and post cure using the same method as your models. Then take an accurate measurement using the Digital Calipers down to the second decimal place in Metric. It is normal to have a +/- X/Y tolerance of  up to 150µm, or +/- 0.150mm. Input the measurements in the window for each axis:




Press Finish once the values are entered. It is not necessary to run another calibration test, and you can proceed with normal printing once completed.





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