When to Calibrate MoonRay

The final result of your print is affected by several variables. Resin age and type, temperature, humidity, elevation, and your post-cure environment all play a role.

Why Calibration is Important

Every printer we ship is tested and precalibrated at our office in Los Angeles, but over time some fine-tuning may be necessary.

Most models will print accurately out of the box, and the machine should not require any calibration from the factory.

If you wish to make calibration changes, they are saved in the printer so that they are used regardless of what computer you source your print files from.

Calibration changes are specific to the resin and layer height selected in the calibration menu, and are saved in the printer so that the changes are kept across whichever computer you connect with.

How To Calibrate

To access the calibration menu, connect to your MoonRay and go to the top menu in RayWare. Print> Fine Tuning>Material Fine Tuning



On this next screen you’ll select the printer, resin, and layer height setting you’d like to calibrate. All changes made are specific to the settings chosen on this screen. Calibrating surgical guide at 100 micron layer thickness, for example, will not affect that same resin at 50 microns.


Next, we determine which type of test we’re performing. There are two types of calibration for MoonRay: tolerance and dimensional accuracy.

Tolerance Calibration should be performed if parts are not fitting together as they should or if you frequently have failed prints when printing support structures.

Dimensional Accuracy fine tunes the exact scaling of your print to compensate for shrinkage that can vary with your post processing environment.


Once you’ve selected which test you’re going to perform, you’ll land on a confirmation screen that will remind you of the resin selected. You now have the option to print or skip. Pressing print will immediately send the job to the printer (so be sure it’s ready!), pressing skip will take you to a screen to input the result of the calibration test (in case you disconnect or close the window during printing.)


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions on how to improve your print results!

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