Fit and Tolerance Calibration

Tolerance calibration makes small adjustments to the exposure time of each layer of printing to fine-tune results. This may be necessary depending on your print environment, resin age, or other factors. If you are unsure whether you need to calibrate, reach out to our support team. 


Tolerance calibration will print two small blocks that slide into each other. This tests the printer for fitment, and ensure that your printed parts will sit correctly. To begin, open the RayWare software and connect to your printer. Then go to Print> Fine Tuning>Material Fine Tuning



 Select the material and Layer Thickness that you wish to calibrate. Note: calibrations will only be applied for the selected material and layer thickness


Next, select Fit and Tolerance (this test should always be performed before dimensional accuracy) 


Your printer will print two rectangular blocks. Once finished, remove the blocks from your build platform. Clean and post-cure the blocks exactly as you would any other part printed with this resin. 


Once your parts are cleaned and cured, gently slide them together. Record the number that the window reaches without forcing them together.


After the part is done printing RayWare will prompt you to input the score your test revealed. If you were disconnected during this process you can get to this screen by going back through the calibration menu and hitting "Skip" instead of "Print" on the last step.


A 2-4 score indicates that the parts are fitting within the expected tolerances, and you can proceed with normal printing.






A  5 score may indicate the projector is under-curing. Do not proceed if you achieve a 5 score more than 3 times, as this may indicate further issues. If this is the case, it is necessary to reach out to SprintRay Support.

model that wont fit together, or a 1 score may indicate the printer is over-curing, but is most likely a result of a dirty optical path from the projector to the resin. Please use the following Help Center articles for reference on how to clean properly:


Cleaning The Mirror on MoonRay

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