Fine tuning materials in legacy RayWare

Within RayWare, you can fine tune the materials settings by adjusting exposure times, which may allow you to increase the performance of your materials. You can make these adjustments under Advanced > Fine Tuning in the top menu in RayWare.

In some cases, you might need to slightly adjust your material exposure times if your parts are not properly cured. You may find that they are a little too soft or that the details on your part don't appear as sharp as expected. You may have to try both increasing and decreasing exposure times to find the right balance for your MoonRay and the material you are using.

One way to test if your exposure time needs adjusting is to print the test part that we provided with your MoonRay. If the "Made with MoonRay" text is too thick or too thin, you likely need to adjust your MoonRay's material settings.

If the current exposure setting is too intense, the text will be thicker than expected. You will need to decrease the exposure time.

If the current exposure setting is not intense enough, the text will be thinner than expected. You will need to increase the exposure time.


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