Exporting Models from Itero for 3D Printing

Itero orders are available for export to your Sprintray 3D printer through their orthocad software.

First, log into your account at https://mycadent.com/




From there, find the case you need to print and click the ID number. 




On the order information page, you will find the button to export to OrthoCAD (boxed below). Itero's orthocad software is required for this to work. 




The file will then download and open in OrthoCAD, and the export screen below will come up. At this point we have two options:

  • Open Model - You will have to trim this model and add a base with Rayware's scan repair tool, or use other programs like EasyRX or Meshmixer.  
  • Solid Model - This will have OrthoCAD generate a base automatically. Ready to print, but not optimized, these will take longer to print and use more resin. Some people prefer to edit these models instead of the open version.




 In our experience, iTero scans should be trimmed of errors around the boundaries of models for easier processing and better output. This video demonstrates the process in 3Shape. For this workflow, you will use the Open Shell export type:



The area circled in red below is another example of needing a trim. Meshmixer is one of the best free tools to make these kinds of edits. 





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