SprintRay Resins

All 3D Printing Resins are very sensitive to UV Light, heat, and Oxygen. Every resin needs slightly different exposure settings to print accurately.

Here at SprintRay we manufacture our own resins to be sure they are precisely focused to react with the RayOne DLP Projectors used in our MoonRay Printers. 

Third party manufacturers need to make their resins capable of working with a wide range of light sources that are available on the market. This fact combined with cheaper mixing techniques makes most third party resins on the market significantly lower quality than resins that are designed for your printer's specific light source. 

We only officially support the resins that we know get great results on your MoonRay, which are produced for DLP printers by either ourselves or NextDent. Damage caused by non approved resins is not covered under warranty. 

In this section we will go over all officially supported resins, their best uses, and any care instructions specific to that material. 


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