SprintRay Surgical Guide


Surgical Guide is a ultra-fast, FDA Class I Biocompatible Resin for surgical stents/guides. This resin has been engineered to have the rigidity & accuracy necessary for clinical use. 

Parts made with Surgical Guide need to be washed with IPA and fully post cured - typically around 25-30 minutes in a 48W 400-420nm UV light system without temperature controls or for more precise results use a professional UV curing system for 10-15 minutes at 60C. There will be a distinct change in color and texture when your guide is fully cured.

When you first start using surgical guide resin you should calibrate your printer for this resin, as fast printing and high viscosity resins like Surgical Guide & Ortho Clear have a smaller window or proper calibration than most of our other resins. Do a test print and check fit with your guide sleeves of choice, as in some cases we've seen users have to tweak a few settings if they are used to designing for mills. Surgical guides get best results printed intaglio side up with support structures, at the 100 micron layer height (rougher layers means more friction which often leads to a better fit vs 50 micron guides).

Surgical guide can be steam sterilized using standard equipment at it's 135C setting. 

Material Safety Data Sheet

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