Choosing The Right Layer Thickness

"Layer Thickness" Is often referred to as resolution in 3D Printing, but this is a poor analogy. 

Layer Thickness, or Layer Height, refers to how much resin we cure with each layer during our print process. This has a significant effect on print time, as well as surface texture, and not as drastic of an effect on accuracy as you might expect. 

You will get the fastest, most consistent results printing at the 100 micron profile. We only recommend going to finer layer heights for applications in casting and when printing temporaries. 

We have heard from the vast majority of doctors using our printer that they prefer prints at the 100 micron setting for stents and models used for the fabrication of orthodontic devices. As prints produced at the 100 micron setting have a slightly rougher surface, that means they have more friction against your patient and less likely to slip, giving the impression of a better fit. 

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