Dry Run Test

The Dry Run Test is a simple diagnostic that your support technician may instruct you to run if you're experiencing consistent problem areas in your prints. It checks the projector for clarity and consistency. If your support tech determines that you should run a Dry Run Test, you will be performing a Z-Offset Gap Test without the platform and Resin Drum installed

To begin, you'll need to prepare your printer for the test. Begin by removing both the resin tank and the build platform.


Next, source a plain, white sheet of printer paper. Place the sheet of paper over the printer where the tank typically sits.


Now the printer is prepared. Next, go to the computer that you print from and open the RayWare software. At the top menu, go to Print > Fine Tuning > Z-Axis Fine Tuning


Then select Print Gap Test




The platform arm will descend and the test will begin after a few moments. The paper will help clearly show that the projector is functioning.


Satisfactory Test Result:


Unsatisfactory Test Result:

If the projector fails to turn on, or the resulting image is blurry, or lacking definition, please inspect the machines mirror and optics for any dust or debris. 

If the issues persist, please reach out to our Technical Support Team



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