Advanced Network Troubleshooting

If you're having issues finding your MoonRay and have already tried Adding a Firewall Exception, your network provider and/or IT management may have more secure requirements in place.

For IT Providers

MoonRay's initial connection requires DHCP to be enabled on your network. If it is not typically enabled, momentarily allow it and MoonRay will always renew that same IP in the future.

MoonRay will only be able to communicate with computers on the same subnet as it. 

If you have any trouble connecting to your MoonRay once having addressed these points, please, reach out to our Customer Support team! and 800-914-8004 7-5 Pacific. 

If you need to find MoonRay's IP or MAC address, the easiest method is to download this free advanced IP scanner utility. 

Once you have this utility installed, connect to the default wifi network broadcast from the printer (SSID will be "moonray-serial number", password is "sprintray"). The printer's IP address will be and that scanner utility will quickly find that IP and the printer's MAC.

If you have an ethernet connection only, network utilities will recognize the MoonRay as a Raspberry Pi.

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