Increasing Adhesion To Platform

If you're having difficulty getting your prints to adhere to the platform, you might need to add texture to its surface using 100-200 grit sandpaper.

To do this, you'll need: 100-200 grit sandpaper, Isopropyl Alcohol > 90%, Paper Towels, Gloves

Starting with a clean, resin-free platform, sand the surface using light circular motions. The idea here is to give the platform texture, not to polish it.

Before using your newly roughened print bed, you'll want to clean its surface with a paper towel and Isopropyl Alcohol > 90% to ensure that no metal shavings will contaminate your resin.

If parts are still not adhering to the platform, call your support technician for technical help @ 800-914-8004


We can help with that!

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