Manual Dimensional Accuracy Calibration

As an alternative to the built in Automatic Dimensional Accuracy Calibration, you can also use any test of your choosing in conjunction with the Manual Dimensional Accuracy input in the fine tuning menu. Unlike Automatic Dimensional Accuracy, which makes a relative change from default settings based on your inputs, Manual Dimensional Accuracy scales all prints up or down by the rate you input in this menu in RayWare. Because of this difference, we recommend you make this change only if your printer's X/Y scaling is at default or with the assistance of our customer support team. 

If you are experiencing issues with fit on the internal features of printed appliances such as Surgical Guides, reach out to our technical support team (800-914-8004). We might suggest that you calibrate dimensional accuracy manually using our Cylinder Test.

Print the 12_5_Cylindertest (attached below this article) on support structures. Wash and Cure the test in a manner consistent with how you will post-process your other prints.

This test is a 12mm cube with a 5mm cylindrical hole through the center. Use digital calipers to carefully determine the diameter of the cylinder. Divide 5 by the diameter of your cylinder to determine the percentage we would have to scale the model by to get the ideal result. 

Navigate through the topline menu in RayWare to PRINT>FINE TUNING>MATERIAL FINE TUNING and select the printer and resin profile, dimensional accuracy calibration, and manual calibration. On the next screen enter the same scaling rate to both boxes. Do not make more than a 3% adjustment before reprinting the test and seeing the result. 

Note that repeating this does not make relative changes the way the automatic calibration functions do, whatever value you enter on that screen is what the printer sets it's scaling rate to relative to default.  We typically hear fit is best in these cases when the test cylinder is slightly large as opposed to slightly small.  
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