Depth of Cure Test

The Depth of Cure Test is a simple diagnostic that tests the projector's power and involves printing a single layer directly onto the bottom of the Resin Drum's film, then measuring the achieved thickness.

By printing a layer directly to the Resin Drum, we can check the penetration power of the projector and determine the health of the optical engine.

Before Proceeding:

Ensure that the Resin Drum and glass mounting surface are completely clean and streak free, as well as the projector mirror directly below the Resin Drum. You can reference the following articles on how to clean them correctly:

Cleaning Your Resin Drum

Cleaning the Mirror


Materials Needed:

  • Digital Calipers
  • Gloves
  • 91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Business card, or gentle tool to remove cured layer



1. To begin, you'll want to remove your Print Platform



2. Next, thoroughly mix your resin and fill the Resin Drum to the Minimum Line

3. Open RayWare and Go to Print > Fine Tuning > Z-Axis Fine Tuning:



4. Press Continue:



5. Next, we are going to print the Gap Test:




6. Make sure that the printer is ready to print, with the platform removed and the resin well mixed, then click Start Print:




7. Once the test is complete, and the platform arm has moved to the top of the machine, remove the Resin Drum, and drain/filter the material back into the bottle:



8. Using a gloved fingernail, or a soft, thin tool such as a business or playing card, gently peel the edge of the cured layer stuck to the bottom of the Resin Drum, being very careful not to puncture the plastic film.



9. Gently wipe the remaining liquid resin off of the cured layer using fresh, clean paper towels.

10. Using the Digital Calipers, gently take a measurement of the thickness of the cured sheet in all four corners, as well as the center of the sheet in Millimetres (MM).

Note: always ensure that your Digital Calipers are clean and properly zeroed before any measurements




Once you have measured the cured sheet, take a note of the values and reach out to our Technical Support Team with the thicknesses achieved.


SprintRay Technical Support



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