Unboxing SprintRay Pro

Your SprintRay Pro and its accessories come in a single box, but any additional products (such as spare tanks and/or resins) will be packaged separately for shipping.


Remove the top half of the box.


To remove Pro from its box, position the box right-side-up and lift the top half of the cardboard box. Remove the top half of the foam shell to reveal the printer.




Remove Finishing Kit, then Pro.


Remove the finishing kit (a box nested on the back of the printer) and lift the printer up out of its foam shell.




Take an inventory.


Below is a full list of the contents of the box:


    1. Pro 3D Printer
    2. Print Platform (pre-installed on the printer)
    3. Resin Tank  (pre-installed on the printer)
    4. Resin Wiper
    5. Power Cord
    6. Print Removal Tool
    7. Support Snipper
    8. Cleaning Cloth
    9. Onboarding Card


Make sure you have all of these items before continuing to the setup guide.



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