SprintRay Pro First Time Setup

Choose your workspace

Find a stable surface in a well-ventilated area to setup your new SprintRay Pro. It is important to keep Pro away from extreme temperatures, windows, other bright UV sources (such as LED bulbs), and direct sunlight.


Plug in printer

Once the printer has been placed, plug it in. We strongly recommend you use a surge protector or uninterrupted power supply to protect your printer. If you plan on connecting your printer into your local network via Ethernet cable, you will find a port on the back of the printer to do so.

mceclip1.pngIf you need to disconnect the printer or turn it off, flip the switch on the back before pulling the plug. Make sure to cancel or finish your print job before powering-down the printer.

Identify the Resin Tank

The resin tank should be pre-installed in SprintRay Pro when you take it out of the box. The resin tank holds your liquid resin and should be treated with care.



Find Print Platform

The print platform should be pre-installed in SprintRay Pro when you take it out of the box. The platform has a magnetic lock, activated by rotating the red circular switch on the build arm. 



Remove plastic covers

Before continuing, you will find two protective plastic wraps that need to be removed from:

  1. The printer’s touchscreen
  2. The glass panel below the resin tank


To remove the protective plastic wrap from the glass panel below the resin tank, you must first remove the tank from its cradle. To remove the resin tank, lightly pull the tank toward you until it clicks, then lift up. Once the plastic is removed, replace the tank by aligning the tank with its cradle and lightly pushing the tank away from you until it clicks back into place.




If your build platform has been removed, reattach it by sliding it onto the build arm and switching the magnet to the 'locked' position.

Your SprintRay Pro is now set up. Proceed to Connecting SprintRay Pro.


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