SprintRay Pro Safety Measures

Always wear gloves  

When handling SprintRay Pro, always wear single-use gloves and dispose of them properly. Resin can cure on skin and uncured resin is an irritant, so avoid direct skin contact whenever possible. If you do get resin on your skin, wash it off immediately with soap and water. Do not use IPA to remove it from your skin! 

Know your SDS

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for all SprintRay and certified 3rd-party resins. Ensure familiarity with all safety precautions and material properties before use. 

Follow FDA recommendations

Many SprintRay and certified 3rd-party resins are certified for use as Class Ia and Class IIa medical devices. In order to comply with FDA requirements, it's important to strictly follow the proper washing and curing procedures. Failure to do so could violate FDA regulations.

When to wear eye protection

When using a dremel, sandpaper, or other abrasive surface against a 3D print, or snipping supports from prints, especially after they have been cured, we recommend wearing eye protection.

Properly ventilate 

The best way to limit exposure to hazardous materials is to ensure that your 3D printing workspace is well ventilated. While your printing area shouldn't be breezy as air exposure can prematurely cure resin, your post-processing area should have good airflow. Materials such as uncured resin and IPA should not be inhaled. 

Keep your workspace clean

In addition to increasing efficiency and output, keeping your workspace clean and free of clutter reduces the likelihood of an accident. Resin and IPA spills are often caused by failure to keep a clean workspace. Set a place for everything and be diligent in keeping the workspace organized. 

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