Connecting SprintRay Pro

Download and Install RayWare

Download our desktop software, available for both Windows and MacOS, at For help on installing RayWare, visit our installation guide.

Choose how to connect

There are two ways to connect SprintRay Pro to your network.

WiFi - recommended for most users

On Pro’s Touchscreen computer, select the settings tab. Select “wireless network” and follow the instructions to enter your SSID and password. Any computers connected to the same Wifi network will be able to detect the printer.




Plug in the printer via Ethernet cable into a router or switch. You cannot directly connect Ethernet from the printer to the computer without going through the network. Only computers connected to the same network as the printer will be able to detect it in RayWare.

Connect your printer

As long as the printer and computer are connected to the same network, the printer should be automatically discovered in RayWare. If you have difficulties connecting, antivirus software may be obstructing the connection. See advanced troubleshooting guides on our website or reach out to our customer support team if you have difficulty connecting.



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