Finishing a Print

Remove prints from platform

WARNING: Wear Gloves Before Start.

Due to exposure to uncured resin, gloves must be worn during these steps until after post curing is complete.





When the print job is complete and the build arm has fully raised, remove the platform and place it on a flat surface. Using the provided print removal tool, detach the parts from the platform.

Remove supports from print

WARNING: Wear Eye Protection.

Eye protection is recommended during the removal of supports.


Using the provided snipping tool, remove the supports from your part. The supports can also be torn, but care should be used to as not to compromise the model's dimensional accuracy.

Wash and dry

Use isopropyl alcohol 91% to wash parts. SprintRay recommends using an ultrasonic cleaner filled with IPA for 3-5 minutes to ensure all excess resin has been washed off.

Air or blow dry your part. Ensure it is completely dry before proceeding.

Post curing

Depending on the material specifications and FDA requirements, you may need to follow specific postcuring procedures. Consult the materials safety data sheet and instructions for use for detailed procedure.

To easily comply with FDA requirements, SprintRay ProCure is preprogrammed with common resins so that you can simply press a button.


Final processing

Depending on the material and intended use, additional steps may be required beyond post curing. Surgical guides, for example, should be sterilized in an autoclave and the guide sleeves should be inserted. Defer to the individual needs of the appliance to determine if any additional processing is needed.

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