Maintenance of SprintRay Pro Resin Tank

Stir before every job

If you leave resin in the tank between print jobs, the resin tank should be inspected and stirred before each print to ensure no clumped or partially-cured resin sediment is sitting on the bottom of the tank, as this can lead to failed prints.

To stir, gently drag the provided resin wiper across the bottom of the tank, keeping an eye out for hard bits of resin that may be stuck to the bottom of the tank or floating in the liquid.



If you find hardened resin in the tank, empty the resin back into its bottle by pouring it through a mesh tea strainer, then use isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth to clean the bottom of the tank.

Follow filtering procedure

When emptying the tank to clean or switch resin types, always pour from the tank back into the original bottle through a mesh filter. This will prevent partially-cured bits of resin from contaminating your bottle.

Clean after emptying

Each time you empty the resin tank, especially if you're switching to a new resin type, clean the tank thoroughly. For instructions on tank cleaning, refer to our resin tank cleaning article.


Store it properly!

Follow our detailed guide here to make sure you are storing your resin and your tank properly.


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