How RayWare Works

RayWare is both a print preparation suite and CAD software. Its primary function is to import, orient, and then slice models into printable layers, but it can also perform advanced functions such as scan closing and model trimming.


Print preparation

The core of RayWare is its print preparation features: importing models, orienting them on the build platform, and slicing them down into printable layers. Print preparation also encompasses the creation of supports, enabling your digitally-designed model to be printed without falling off the build platform. New in RayWare 2.0 is a set of printability checks run on every single model to ensure print efficacy before your hit the 'print' button.


Computer aided design

New in RayWare 2.0 are features such as Advanced Scan Repair and Plane Cutting. Features such as this are considered design features because they allow you to manipulate the model itself, rather than simply adding structure around it or moving it in virtual space. Taking raw intraoral scan data and performing automated trimming and basing, for example, requires advanced AI algorithms that manipulate the model itself.

A single software

RayWare's two components operate side-by-side; there is no distinction in the user interface where one ends and the other begins. Design features operate seamlessly by integrating into printability checks. For more information on how RayWare's specific features function, check out the 'Tools in RayWare' section of the knowledge base. 

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