Connect a Printer to RayWare

Choose printer type

To begin the connection process, select 'Print' at the top of your screen, then 'Network Connection'. RayWare will then ask if you're connecting a SprintRay Pro printer or MoonRay.

Print > Network Connection > Setup Network Connection

Select which printer you'd like to connect and select 'Next'.


How to connect Pro

SprintRay Pro manages its connections from the onboard touchscreen. If you select 'Pro' in RayWare, it will prompt you with these instructions to follow on SprintRay Pro's touchscreen:

  1. Select the ‘Settings’ page on your Pro’s touchscreen
  2. Select ‘Wireless Networks’
  3. Select your network from the list
  4. Enter the password for your network and select ‘Connect’


How to connect MoonRay

MoonRay requires a computer with wifi in order to connect to your wireless network. From any computer with wifi, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Disconnect your computer from its wifi network
  2. Once your MoonRay is powered on, use your computer to find the network that starts with 'MoonRay' in your network settings
  3. Connect to the 'MoonRay' network using the case-sensitive password 'sprintray'
  4. Choose whether you'd like to use a direct connection or wifi connection
    • Direct connection is the best choice is you have an extremely secure wireless network, but your computer won't have access to the internet while directly connected
    • Wifi connection is the best choice for most users. It allows you to print from any computer on your network and allows you to retain internet access
  5. If you chose direct connection, you're all finished
  6. If you chose wifi connection, choose the network you'd like MoonRay to be a part of, then enter the password for that wireless network.


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