Starting a Print in RayWare

While each model you print will have different specifics, the following steps are a good guideline to follow with each and every print. If you can commit them to habit, you'll be well on your way to printing successfully every time.

Choose printer settings

Click on the top-center of the RayWare window, where the printer name, resin type, and layer thickness indicators are located. This will launch the print settings. From the print settings, you can choose which type of printer you'd like to use, which material you're printing with, and which layer thickness you'd like to print at.

Once you've set the appropriate settings, press the 'Apply' button.


Add a model

To begin a print in RayWare, add a printable model to the build platform. To add a model, press the '+' button located on the left side of the software window. Select an STL or SPR model and press 'Open'. After a few moments of processing, your selected model will appear on the build area.


Manipulate the model

When selected, a model will turn blue. When unselected, it will turn gray. Select your model and use the gymbal that appears to adjust the angle and rotation of your model. Note that SprintRay printers do not print more slowly if you fill the build platform, so it's good practice to fit as many models as you can into each print job.


Add supports

To ensure that your model finishes successfully, we recommend adding supports to every print job. This will reduce the likelihood of prints falling into the tank or becoming malformed. To add supports, simply select your model and press the button on the bottom of the center-left stack. Choose the density and strength of supports, then press 'Generate Supports'. RayWare will automatically generate supports based on its analysis of your model.


Check your printer

Make sure that your printer is ready to print. For hardware preparation steps, visit the print preparation page.

Send the job

Once you've prepared the printer hardware, press the green button on the center-right of the Rayware window. This will launch the print control window. Verify the material selection, layer thickness, and material volume one last time. Select the printer you'd like to print with. If you're printing with Pro and would like to confirm the print on the touchscreen before it begins, turn Delayed Start 'On'. You can also name your print job so that you can easily find and print it again. Once you're ready, press the green 'Print' button. After a moment of processing, your print will be sent to your printer.


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