Cleaning optical window of SprintRay Pro

The window underneath your resin tank protects the projector mirror and sensitive internals from debris and resin spills.


If it is smudged, scratched, or otherwise obstructed, this can cause serious issues with your prints. The best practice is to check your optical window for obstruction every time you remove the tank to ensure successful printing. If your optical window needs cleaning, follow this simple procedure.

Remove the resin tank

To clean the optical window, begin by removing the resin tank from SprintRay Pro. For detailed instructions, review our resin tank usage page.

Use IPA on partially-cured resin

If your optical window has bits of cured resin on it, begin by thoroughly spraying the glass with IPA 91% or greater. Wait a minute to allow the IPA to break the resin down, then proceed to wipe with a soft cloth. Repeat this process until the optical window is clear of all cured bits of resin. Note that, depending on the amount of resin cured to the optical window, it may take several passes.


Use glass cleaner

Once all resin has been cleaned from the optical window's surface, spray with standard glass cleaner and use a soft cloth to clean away fingerprints or other smudges/imperfections. Ensure the optical window is dry, then return the tank to its cradle.

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