Using PrintOS

Power On

When you power-on your SprintRay Pro, the screen will briefly display the SprintRay logo and then take 5-15 seconds to boot up (or potentially longer after firmware updates). The screen may remain black during the boot-up process.

The screen will display “Ready to Print” once the boot-up process is complete.

There are 3 core tabs at the top of the screen in PrintOS, with up to 2 more appearing under certain contexts covered below.mceclip1.png 

Know your core tabs

Print: Displays current print status. When you are not currently printing, this tab will display the text, “Ready to Print.” When a job is active this tab will display current layer status and estimated print time remaining. You can press the layer button to view the layer that is currently being projected.

History: Displays recently printed jobs. You can review print settings and reprint past jobs from this list. Depending on file size, up to several hundred jobs will remain here in your history. Pro will automatically delete older jobs if the disk space becomes limited.

Settings: Allows you to access SprintRay Pro’s Settings. You can connect your printer to WiFi and login to your SprintRay Dashboard account in this menu.mceclip4.png  

Contextual tabs come and go

Queue (button appears only if print jobs are queued): Displays jobs queued in SprintRay Software. Click on any job to see a rendering of the print and review its settings before starting.

External (button appears only if USB disk is connected): Shows saved SPR files on a connected USB Drive. Click on any job to see a preview of the print job and review its settings before printing it.mceclip5.png 

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