Installing SprintRay Pro Resin Tank

Identify the cradle

The resin tank for Pro nests into a rectangular cradle in the center of the printer's base. The tank has rails that will slot into the holes in on the right and left sides of the cradle.


Line up the tank

Situate your tank over the cradle. When you lock the tank into place, it will click into place when you press it lightly away from you.


Lower and press

As you lower the rails into the cradle's guide holes, apply light pressure to the tank, pushing it away from you until it clicks into place.

Double-check your work

Gently rock the tank to ensure that it has properly seated and clicked into place on both sides - printing with an improperly attached tank will lead to print failure.



For more information on your SprintRay Pro resin tank, visit the resin tank maintenance article.

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