Pro Cure Safety

Wear gloves when handling uncured parts

When printed models come out of your 3D printer, they are coated in uncured resin. Wear gloves when handling 3D printing resin, as it is a sensitizer. The wash process makes use of high-concentration IPA, which can sting if it comes into contact with skin.

Once parts are fully post-cured, gloves are no longer necessary as the model is fully stable.

Don't touch, Pro Cure gets hot

To maintain proper temperature for fast and thorough curing, Pro Cure includes an onboard convection heater. Do NOT set anything on top of Pro Cure, as this is the ventilation surface. Pro Cure can heat up, so be careful when touching the metal surfaces as they may be hot.


Always close the door behind you

Pro Cure uses high-intensity, broad-spectrum light in the 405-nm and UV range. The door includes a sensor that will not allow Pro Cure to operate while open. This is for your safety. Do not attempt to open the door while Pro Cure is operating.

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