Using Custom Time and Temperature Profile

If you printed with a resin that isn't preloaded into Pro Cure's computer or you have specific curing requirements, you can set a custom time and temperature profile. To use a custom profile, scroll to the end of the resin list and click on 'Custom Profile'.


Curing time

Time is a crucial function of curing. In order for a part to be fully cured, the deepest and thickest parts need to be reached by broad-spectrum light. Many 3D printing resins achieve close to maximum strength after around 15 minutes, but a some take longer and some see diminishing returns after around 10. To settle on curing times, we recommend consulting your particular resin's IFU (instructions for use) documentation.

Curing temperature

High temperatures allow for maximum cross-linking, increasing the total strength of printed parts. Our studies have found that most parts achieve maximum strength when cured between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius, but you should consult your resin's IFU. Many IFU documents will not display temperature. If you'd like to err on the side of caution, simply set Pro Cure's temperature to zero.

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