Pro Cure Diagnostics

Pro Cure features rugged construction that is designed to operate for long periods of time without major maintenance. If you experience issues with your Pro Cure, begin by troubleshooting using the list below.

Pro Cure won't turn on

If your Pro Cure unit won't turn on, begin by ensuring that it is plugged into a stable, powered source of electricity. Once verified, ensure that the switch located on the back of Pro Cure is set to the 'on' position. 

If your Pro Cure still won't turn on, contact customer support.

Parts aren't fully curing

If your parts aren't properly cured after Pro Cure finishes its regimen, there are two likely scenarios.

One or more LED arrays needs replacing

If one or more of the LED arrays in Pro Cure isn't functioning, your parts may not be receiving enough light to fully cure. To rectify this issue, replace the faulty LED array per the instructions in our LED replacement guide.

The wrong resin profile is being used

If the resin profile you've selected doesn't match up with the material used to print your model, this may lead to incomplete or over-cured parts. Verify that the material used to print your model matches the curing profile you're selecting. 

If you continue to have problems with your Pro Cure, contact customer support at 800 914 8004.

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