How can I get my SprintRay product repaired?

Though we go through great pains to ensure that every printer that leaves our LA headquarters is as durable and robust as possible, we understand that things happen. If one of your SprintRay products is broken, here's the procedure.

Contact customer support

If your SprintRay product requires repairs, begin by contacting customer support at 800 914 8004. If a support agent deems that your printer needs hardware repairs, you'll be asked to send your printer back to SprintRay HQ in Los Angeles. 

Replacement process

If you've purchased one of our extended warranty plans, you'll likely be eligible to receive a replacement printer. This means that our customer support team will send a fully functional replacement printer to your office so that you won't have to experience production downtime.

Standard process

If you haven't purchased an extended service plan or your printer is out of its extended service window, we'll ask you to ship your SprintRay product back to us in its original packaging. Our customer support team will send you a shipping label that you can use, but it's extremely important that you ship your product back to SprintRay in its original packaging.

If you've lost your original packaging or it is damaged, you'll have to purchase a shipping crate. Once we receive your printer, we'll repair it as expediently as possible, then ship it back to your office.

Tanks and build plates

When you ship your SprintRay product, do not send us your build platform or resin tank. Please remove these items from your printer before shipping, as they can further damage your printer if they are secured improperly during shipping. If you send us your tank or build plate, we will not send them back. 

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