Choosing the Right Layer Thickness

Understanding layer thickness

3D printed models are created by taking a fully-3D model and then 'slicing' them into a series of images that get printed along a z-axis. This means that 3D models are printed in 'steps', or layers, that build up until a model is completed. SprintRay Pro and Pro S printers can print in three 'step' heights, or layer thicknesses: 50, 100, and 170 (select materials) microns. 


Choosing the proper layer thickness

It's a common misconception that models printed with thicker layers are less accurate than those printed with thinner layers. For most model types, 100 or 50 micron layer thickness will produce an accurate model. Layer thickness does have an affect on the final visual surface quality of the model, so models that need to be extremely smooth can be printed at a lower layer thickness to reduce the post-processing required to achieve the desired surface finish.


Adjusting layer thickness

Layer thickness can be easily adjusted from the print setup menu. To adjust layer thickness, simply click on the print settings menu at the top of the RayWare window, where the resin and printer are displayed. This will launch a pop-up window where you can adjust layer thickness. The most recently selected layer thickness is always visible in RayWare in the top-center of the screen, just to the right of the resin selection.




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